DVLS Board of Directors

The Delaware Volunteer Legal Services Board of Directors is committed to our mission to provide quality pro bono legal services to indigent Delawareans with meritorious civil legal problems.
John T. Dorsey, Esq., President

Tiffany A. Poole, Esq., Vice President

David B. Brown, Esq., Secretary

W. Donald Sparks II, Esq., Treasurer

Don C. Brown, Esquire

Francis Catania, Esquire

Mary M. Culley, Esquire

Lawrence S. Drexler, Esquire

Mark Desgrosseilliers, Esquire

Randolph K. Herndon, Esquire

Robert Hirst, Esquire

Justice Randy J. Holland (Ret)

Karen Jacobs, Esquire

Carolyn McNeice, Esquire

Ryan P. Newell, Esquire

Daniel M. Silver, Esquire

Leslie Spoltore, Esquire

Kara Swasey, Esquire

Executive Director - Janine N. Howard-O'Rangers, Esquire

Director Emeritus - Joseph A. Rosenthal, Esquire