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Mother & Child, Domestic Violence Representation in Wilmington, DE
Protection From Abuse: DVLS handles protection from abuse and other family law matters for victims of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence and do not have access to income or otherwise meet our income guidelines, you may be eligible for free legal assistance..

Housing: DVLS handles private landlord matters.
Consumer: DVLS does not handle consumer law issues. Consumer Law issues are handled by the Legal Services Corporation of Delaware (302) 575-0408. Consumer Law includes; Breach of Contract, Bankruptcy, Fair Credit Reporting Actions, Deceptive Trade Acts and Practices; Fraud, Debt Collection and Repossession.

Estate Planning: DVLS provides assistance in drafting wills, power of attorney and living wills for the elderly and terminalli ill, or other special needs. DVLS also have volunteer attorneys to act as guardian ad litem attorneys as well as attorneys to represent the interest of the guardian if they fall within the pover level.

Family Law: DVLS assists clients with custody, visitation (limited) and divorce.
Child Support: The Division of Child Support Enforcement at 302-577-4863 handles matters of child support enforcement. If you are seeking legal assistance with regard to your payment of child support, contact the Lawyer Referral Service at (302) 478-8850.
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Pro Bono Program

In addition, we coordinate a PFA Pro Bono Program in which an attorney signs up to represent financially eligible victims of domestic violence in obtaining a Protection from Abuse Order.

A Joint Effort

DVLS has been operating with the assistance of the Delaware Civil Clinic (DCC) of the Widener University School of Law (WUSL) since 1984. Second- and third-year law school students serve the increasing number of Delawareans who are unable to afford private attorneys. This arrangement has enabled DVLS to streamline and greatly reduce the administrative costs of the program while expanding services to its client base.

Lawyer Referral Service

Online Lawyer Referral is currently under construction on the Delaware State Bar Associations website at

DISCLAIMER: Contacting the Legal Help Link and completing an intake does not guarantee representation. Representation is offered on a case by case basis after evaluation of the merits of the case and the resources available at that time.